Dwelling, Guaynabo, Puerto Rico 2004

    The project involves several areas of concern. From an architectural stand-point, this modern house is seen as a design built entrepreneur venture with a vision of the architect as designer and developer. Secondly, this residential project is conceived as a laboratory for exploring ways of providing renewable sources of energy in combination with conventional non-renewable ones (Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority, PREPA), in an effort to develop an affordable and viable Hybrid Home. Hence, the house will use water, sun, and wind to supply most of its energy. The 2,300 square meter lot which is the site for the house is located in a suburban development, south of Guaynabo, with dense vegetation and a small creek passing through. The topography of this lot presented a challenge when trying to allocate both living and sleeping quarters on the same level, while also allowing for a leveled private patio for recreation.

    Valle Escondido 24 main view of pool and facade from roundabout

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