Architecture Design

We provide architectural services at different scales and building types, from Conceptual Designs to Construction Documents.

Urban Design

We provide Urban Design Services at a programmatic, schematic, and detailed development level, from small street interventions to large scale master plans.

Interior Design

We provide Interior Design Services, sometimes as an integral part of our architectural services or as independent commissions, from homes and offices to retail stores.

Furniture Design

We design custom furniture as part of our architectural projects and for clients seeking furniture to attend particular needs or to enrich the spatial experience.

Const. Management

Given our construction background, we also provide Construction Management as part of our array of services, with proven positive results in both public and private sectors.

Inspection Services

We have extensive experience in the field, and are qualified to provide inspection services for construction projects, as defined by the PR Certification Law.


As part of our basic services, we provide Construction Contract Administration for our design projects and can also provide these services for other construction projects.


Research is an integral part of our design process; nevertheless, these services can be provided independent from a design project, triggered by a client's particular need, and leading to the development of a unique solution.

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