• Self Growing Lab

    Educational, New York 2014

    • Third Award - 2015 - Rethinking the Future Awards
    • First Prize - 2014 - Smart Dock Competition

    The project’s concept derives from the possibility of using a bacterial manufactured material genetically manipulated to control its density, rigidness and transparency, but most importantly allow self-growth. This material, fruit of the collaborative and interdisciplinary efforts of One-Lab, is proposed to be laid over a skeleton made of simple and basic components that together compose a structural space frame that make the floors, walls and roof of the space. The struts and nodes of this space frame have not only the ability to manipulate the form, but they will also serve as conduits and contact points for sensors and input feeders for bacteria interaction. This complex system of sensors for data retrieving and genetic manipulation of this living shell will allow the space to become a continuous experiment on its own.

    Self Growing Lab - Exterior View
  • Self Growing Lab - Program Legend Self Growing Lab - Growing Lab Structure Diagram
    Self Growing Lab

    “SELF GROWING LAB was unabashedly assertive in its formal language and technological optimism.”

    The ONE Prize awards jury

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