Dwelling, Guaynabo 2006

    Our office received a commission from Rojas Berríos family to remodel their house in Villa Mercedes, Guaynabo. The task consisted in redesigning the existing structure and attaching a series of elements to attend the needs of this contemporary family. The 5440 sqft addition consisted of open and covered terraces, a new entertainment center, a family room, a pool, a jacuzzi, and a covered structure with kitchen and grill facilities. One of the main challenges included the reorientation of the house and existing program towards its side in order to take the most advantage of the land. Some simple architectural elements, like skylights, materiality changes, and a pond to introduce the element of water were key in creating an enjoyable dwelling experience. Other residential projects include Urban House in Condado and Valle Escondido 30, also in Guaynabo.

    Rojas Berrios Residence main view from street

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