Dwelling, Guaynabo 2001

    Munoz Lozada Residence consists of a remodeling phase and an addition phase for an existing 5,000 sqft home in Guyanabo, Puerto Rico. The house sits in a 2,000 sqft lot located in a privileged suburban development. The existing house was barely eight years old, but our task was greatly challenged by several factors, which included: existing structural deficiencies, lack of integration with exterior spaces, an unusual and uninviting entrance, distracting ornamentation on the facade, among others.

    Munoz Lozada Residence main view of pool, terrace, and living room
  • Munos Lozada Residence existing conditions Munoz Lozada Residence water drop
    Munoz Lozada Residence facade from street

    The remodeling and addition of key elements to this suburban house created a balance between privacy, homey appeal, and spatial dialogue with the surrounding vegetation.

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