Health, Manati 2007

    After several interior interventions to the existing hospital facilities, we were commissioned the design of an expansion to one of the wings of the existing healthcare facilities. This expansion was to serve as an example of a contemporary healthcare architecture in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The project had the particular challenge of having the existing wing in operation during the construction of the second one, meaning that one structure had to span over the existing one while establishing accessible connections to the main hospital building. The new design expression of this wing, which consisted of 3 new floors, had to be consistent with the modern architecture of the main hospital dating back to the 1960's, while at the same time having its own architectural identity and projecting the aspirations of the hospital's new administrating group. The new building's facade was also to serve as a promotional canvas that projected the administration's new image to the community it serves.

    Manati Medical Center front elevation and perspective

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