Dwelling, Carolina 2000

    This residential project consists of a 6,000 sqft home for an entrepreneur, his wife, and their 3 children. The site, a flat 2,000 square meter lot, is located in a suburban development within the metropolitan area in the Puerto Rican municipality of Carolina. It enjoys the unique characteristics of the Torrecilla Lagoon, its privileged view, and the distinctive water canals that serve as an alternate way of access to the house. The dining room as a unifying space for the hole program, a place in which the contemporary family manages to meet and gather at the end of each day. All activities that take place on this place form part of a family ritual. This aspect, accompanied by the duality between the lagoon and the canals, gave way for the house's proposed footprint, massing, and formal composition of the project.

    Lagoon House main patio view
  • Lagoon House panoramic view of patio and pool Lagoon House fenestrations and volumes
    Lagoon House night view, spaces open to patio

    At night, when the house lights up and light slips through the louvers and glass doors, the house becomes the beacon of the lagoon.

    Ocean Drive Puerto Rico

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