Public Space, Hato Rey - San Juan 2010

    The arrival of the urban rail system to San Juan has transformed the urban order in the city. Many new residential, commercial and mixed-use projects are being developed along the train’s lineal path, in the active and strategic urban nodes generated around the train’s stations. But close to these new urban hubs and prior to the arrival of the urban rail system, there were already some public spaces of strategic location, although in a neglected or abandoned state. The rescuing of these spaces could contribute to the reactivation of the day and night life of the city around these nodes.

    Jose Gandara Park bird's-eye view
  • Jose Gandara Park context Jose Gandara Park site plan
    Jose Gandara Park view under metro rail

    The Jose Gandara Park in Hato Rey rescues an existing park from the 50's, contiguous to Roosevelt Ave. and proposes an urban intersection of the commercial, recreational, and residential uses of the city.

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