Commercial, San Juan 2013

    The commission involves the intervention of two existing spaces related to the East Connector Project in the Tropical Medicine Building. These two sites are to become food concessions, totaling about 1,724 sqft. Both concessions face the iconic central patio of Tropical Medicine, and one of them also faces the new lineal plaza between Tropical Medicine and the Senate Annex. The smallest of the two, with about 724 sqft, closest to the Lineal Plaza of the East Connector, will be specially centered in the confection of coffee beverages, snacks, and pre-set goods. The inner space of the coffee shop will be perfect for seating smaller parties, being coffee's local economy and its national tradition the main theme of the shop, while the outer space under the East Connector's glass canopy shelters bigger groups. Custom furniture, like tables and booths have been specifically designed to convey a comfortable space. The grunge, vintage style of Cafetolio leads the way to an intimate savoring experience.

    Food Concession Cafetolio designed logo

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