Institutional, Aibonito 2009

    This project was developed as a design and construction competition entry for the Courthouse Administration of Puerto Rico, in collaboration with the architectural office of Abruña Musgrave Architects and a multidisciplinary team of industry professionals. The proposal involves the construction of a building to be used as the new Aibonito Courthouse. Among the various criteria guiding this tribunal's design, those related to the project’s sustainability were of the highest order of priority. We strived to design installations of a minimum negative impact upon the natural and built environment, which would obtain reductions in the consumption of both, energy and monetary resources.

    Aibonito Courthouse fountain, entrance, and main facade
  • Aibonito Courthouse key plan Aibonito Courthouse access diagram, structural axonometric, and circulation
    Aibonito Courthouse bird's-eye view of context

    The Aibonito Courthouse proposes a sustainable approach that integrates passive, energy-efficient strategies with a concern for contemporary design and the integration of nature.

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